Her Best Friend - Sarah Mayberry

I don't like this. Not the book as a whole. It's Sarah Mayberry, of course the book itself is good. But I don't like this friends-to-lovers scenario. As the perpetual left out, pushed aside third friend, Amy's position hurts me. I really feel for her. I can't stop thinking about the fact he didn't want her, didn't choose her and at this point when they do come together she will aways be second choice. And only because first choice ended up being a terrible person. I don't know if this is going to be able to resolve in a way that won't actually make me sad.


"For all those years, Amy had sat on the sidelines, watching, waiting, aching. She’d made an art form out of hiding her yearning and jealousy."


"But a person couldn’t live forever on the edge of hope and longing, her face pressed to the glass, peering in and envying someone else’s life, always wanting, never having. Amy had tried and failed, miserably."


=(  Been there.