Home for the Holidays - Sarah Mayberry

See, this is another one. Can I please have a book where people aren't forgiven for their massive betrayals? They don't have to stay actively mad, but forgiveness? Really? I know there's probably something wrong with me that I'm so anti-forgiveness. But it bothers me so much. I just hate people doing terrible things and then being let off the hook! There's just too much of that in the real world. I guess I like my characters bitter and pissed off. I think they can still not forgive even while happy with a new person. Especially in this situation. 


Don't get caught up in Sarah Mayberry being the common denominator here because both situations show up in books all the time. (Spoilerish, but sort of not: In this book the Heroine's fiancé left her for her sister right before their wedding. What is with all the fiancé stealing sisters, you guys?!) I just don't know how you forgive that!