Attachments: A Novel - Rainbow Rowell

Day 05: A book that makes you happy.


So I feel like there has been a lot of repetition in this challenge so far and there is going to be more later on. Quite frankly at least two of the books I listed the last two days fit in today's challenge as well, but I want to break up the monotony. To that end I'm not going to list the book(s) at the top of this category — ones I've read multiple times — but one I definitely plan on reading again and made me super happy while I read it.


Here is my review of Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.


"Still, so much of the book made me smile and happy. It was like Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey for my brain during bar study. The writing was clean, fun and witty. I loved the characters, I even loved the POV change/e-mails. It is a light, fluffy read that I highly recommend."