Her Best Friend - Sarah Mayberry

What the hell is with this book? There is only 18% left and they haven't made any forward movement between the two of them. And now the cheating ex is hanging around being a selfish bitch. She's purposely putting Amy in the middle and making things awkward. She's inserting herself where she shouldn't be. Why did she offer to help on the Grand knowing Quinn was and that Amy is too nice to say no? Dick move, Lisa. She wants to stay friends with Amy, and claiming to want to be friends with Quinn because she misses him and misses talking to him. To bad you didn't do that when you were married instead of being a skank with Stuart for two years. Idiot. So, now with 18% left Amy has made the declaration and they are in a holding pattern. And not enough time is going to be dedicated to trying to smooth out the huge problems with Amy and Quinn. Not that they can necessarily be smoothed out. She's loved him for 16 years and he loved someone else that whole time. And he wouldn't want to change that. She'll forever be second place. It's going to be a sad and uneven relationship.