Winter Garden - Kristin Hannah

Day 06: A book that makes you sad.


There are a few books I could probably use for today's prompt, but I'm going with one I actually read recently because, as I said when I was done reading, it destroyed me. 


Here is my review of Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.


"The story within the story is everything.


Through Anya's fairytale we come to know her alongside her daughters. We see how it relates to the women's lives and has affected all of them, even through the present. It is so engrossing, haunting, and . . . real. I want to be able to describe the story but I don't want to give anything away as the reveals are as important to the reader as the characters. But it does become clear that it is a heartbreaking story and it pretty much wrecked me. Tears pouring down my face, can't read through them, chest tight, little kid silent before sobbing out loud crying. Much like with Magic Hour, I couldn't stop. Though this was much worse because that book wasn't on the same level of tragic. I'm not a parent and I have no designs on becoming one, so I can't imaging being one and reading this. Those were the parts that affected me the most. If you do nothing but read the fairytale the book is completely worth it. I just know I'm going to be thinking about this for days.


. . .


Still, even with those issues, with the amount of emotion this book ripped from me I don't feel like I can dock it too much."