Fifty Shames of Earl Grey - Fanny Merkin,  Andrew Shaffer

Day 07: A book that makes you laugh.


My feelings on this author being snide to a friend of mine over his BBA girlfriend notwithstanding I'm going with this timely parody. And, quite frankly, I have more written about this than I do other books that make me laugh (and one that I've already listed in this challenge twice).


Here is my review of Fifty Shames of Earl Grey by Fanny Merkin.


"Merkin underscores everything that makes Master of the Universe Fifty Shades of Grey an awful fan fiction "book." Anna's stupidity. What a sociopathic nut job Earl is. The overly incredible situations, each increasingly unrealistic and ridiculous. Reading this bordered on mentally exhausting because Merkin does a great job of highlighting the semi-literate, grade school writing of FSoG and the mind-numbing stupidity of the characters, especially Anna. The only thing this parody was missing was an obscene amount of ellipses.

The best part of the story is that an opportunity to make a dig at how unethical and wrong it is to steal from another author and publish one's fan fiction is never missed. Most of the book is eminently quotable, whether the line is just plain funny or made hilarious by the insight behind it. For those of us suffering through the popularity of FSoG it is, in a word, fantastic!"


Here are some quotes that had me snort!laughing:


"I spend the rest of the night doing schoolwork. After striking a match and lighting a candle, I sit down at my desk with my quill pen and parchment to write an essay for my ethics class on the legalities of fan fiction."


"My ideal man is:

a. Smart

b. Funny

c. Good looking

d. Wealthy

e. Sociopathic

f. All of the above"


"Earl runs his long fingers over the books at eye level on one of his many bookcases. His fingers stop on one book. Twilight."

“You brought me all the way to your bachelor pad to show me Twilight? I’ve got news for you, I’ve read it like a hundred times,” I say, rolling my eyes."


"Moan,” I moan. “Moan, moan, moooooooan."

"Earl Grey rises above me, towering over my naked, quivering woman-flesh. I can’t believe this is happening—it’s too much like a wet dream about Robert Pattinson to be real."


"Almost immediately, I receive a notice that he has played. His word? “PRICKS.”Damn! Bastard!  He just added an “S” to the end of my word. It’s a legal move, but one only a prick who wants to piggyback off someone else’s hard work  would do."


"The house band, the Icy Dragons, is dutifully playing a faithful cover version of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” at Earl’s request."



"I've even got a small Australian vanity press interested in publishing my pony fan fiction."


And other little additions such as thanking Stephenie Meyer for the inspiration in the Acknowledgements.