Exclusively Yours (The Kowalskis) - Shannon Stacey The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers

Day 08: Most overrated book.


I don't know about the most overrated book. I'd rather not get into classic lit as I haven't read any recently enough to justify my feelings. And things like Twilight and its Frankenstein-bastard porn offshoot aren't overrated so much as over-popular. Most people, or at least a great many know they suck. So I'm going to go with books I've read recently that it seems like everyone else in Romancelandia loved and I . . . was not impressed. To say the least.


Here is my review of Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey.


"The writing was okay, competent. I might have enjoyed the story if the characters didn't suck as much. It's a character-driven story so the plot is really thin especially because the character motivations were weak. I think we all know by now I'm a character person and your story will live and die by them if the plot can't sustain them. I needed stronger, more likable characters. The story could have used focus, it jumped around to the different couples having issues and didn't seem to satisfactorily conclude any of their storylines (by way of growth). I didn't feel like there was any character development so I can't see how things are going to be okay. And I would have appreciated less irritating high school memories. Not just because of how inappropriate all that was for kids their age (but this is an adult book so I don't care about that as much), but because they never gave me what I needed: a reason for Joe to want this woman. A reason for them to actually be in love with each other. They served their purpose for Keri since she didn't care about Joe beyond sex with him and serving her career. But for him to be so hung up after so long and he doesn't even harbor resentment . . . there had to be more than just sex. Well, there doesn't have to be. Jebus knows I've read a ton of romances where the love is built on nothing but great sex. But it makes for a crappy story."


And my review of The Story Guy by Mary Ann Rivers.


"I loved the premise of the story. It was unique, certainly nothing I've ever read before. The fact this story starts with nothing but kissing and not straight to sex with a stranger excited me to no end. I knew when I heard that was the case that I had to read this. Unfortunately, I think that created an expectation for the story in my mind that wasn't met. The story was not as sweetly innocent as I had hoped it would be. It sort of skipped over the build up that could have been amazing between the two of them and almost straight to Carrie wanting to "fuck" (her words) Brian and trying to force a situation that could have evolved naturally and been more satisfying. I really think this needed to be a full length novel so that it might have realized that potential."