Stand-In Star - Rachael Johns


"But it was Daisy’s entries about Ian that had the tears spilling down Holly’s cheeks. How had Holly never seen that Daisy had liked Ian all her life? She shivered as her sister described despair at finding out Ian and Holly were together. Her pages and pages about how she’d almost not come back to Australia for Holly’s wedding, how she wished like anything she had stayed away. Daisy obviously hated herself for her actions—regretted having feelings for Ian at all, never mind acting on them. Holly waited for the usual anger to rear its head, but it didn’t. Daisy’s love for Ian shone through her words, a love far stronger than Holly had ever felt for her husband. Shame filled her.


How could she hate Daisy for acting on such intense feelings?"

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Really? REALLY?! Are you freaking kidding me?! So as long as you feel love and passion (no matter that she had YEARS to act on those feelings but never did) it's totes okay to

fuck your sister's brand new husband AT HER WEDDING

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! Seriously, what the fuck is this crap? I hate this book. Romance authors: you are all banned from this effing trope since you can't be trusted to allow women to be real about it. 


And what is this nonsense about being jealous of Holly's childhood? Because if I recall, Holly was shipped off to boarding school so their parents could spend all their time on Daisy. Seriously, this book is ridiculous. I'm not even going to get into Holly's "love" for Nate. It's been a week. At least he's mentioned liking her intelligence and talking to her, etc. With her it's been all about sex and touching. Oh, I guess I got into it. *shrug*


*Love that we have spoiler tags now even though the execution is still rough.