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 Day 14: Book turned movie and completely desecrated.


Oh, I have been looking forward to this day since I started this challenge. *Cackles with glee* Because all of my favorite books have been made into movies and every one of them sucked.




A lot of people don't agree with me on this one. I don't care. They completely massacred this book. From my review of the movie back then: "They so severely twisted the plot of the third book it is hard to endure. They either left out giant plot points or so glossed over them that you fail to understand why you should care. Everything moved too fast. They made all of these changes and all it did was make the movie choppy and irritating to those of us who know what is supposed to happen. And those who have not read the book are left completely in the dark (that’s not totally a bad thing because you should have read the book before seeing the movie, but it’s a testament to how much they left out, it’s impossible to follow)."


You can try to sell me that B.S. line about movie adaptations having to change the book all you want but I don't believe the books have to be changed that much, nor should they be. What is the point of making a movie of a book (something that happens to any marginally successful book out there nowadays) if you're going to change the story? And why do some of these script writers think they can improve upon what was in the book? Prime example: the Shrieking Shack scene. That scene is pretty perfect the way it was written and doesn't take much time to get through fully. The scene in the movie lacked the same intensity and tension and just wasn't as compelling. 


This movie ruined the movie franchise for me. I didn't start watching them again until Half Blood Prince. I eventually went back and watched the ones I missed. Thankfully they were better than PoA, which I tend to skip over when they marathon the movies on ABC Family.






Okay this one actually wasn't bad. Or at least not as bad as the others on this list. It was just lackluster. Here is a book adaptation where they made a change that makes sense. They couldn't film it the way it is in the book so it makes total sense for Jacob to tell his story to the circus director. But then there were changes like Marlena's background that I didn't get. Was it because of the sensitivities of the modern day audience? That's pretty insulting to the audience, I would hope people understand this was a very different time. Speaking of Marlena, I couldn't see Reese Witherspoon as her before the movie or after. She didn't work. The script was fairly meh, and choppy. The pacing was really weird. It was either too fast or too slow at different points. They tried to fit a lot in, yes, but they didn't do it well. Also, that line: "You're a beautiful woman, you deserve a beautiful life. Nothing less." drove me freaking nuts. It wasn't in the book and it's just so annoying. Like non-beautiful people don't deserve good or beautiful lives? Shut up, dude. It's a throwaway line in the movie but they played it in all the TV advertisements so it became a real annoyance. The acting by all the leads left a lot to be desired as well. I was expecting better, at least from Witherspoon and Waltz. Aside from the mise en scene, which was gorgeous, the best part of the movie was Tai the elephant. She was flawless. 






This Honest Trailer just says it all, doesn't it? "Man, what a waste of good source material."




This is absolutely the worst transgression on this list and probably of any book to movie adaptation I've seen. I am beyond words that they optioned this amazing book and then filmed Generic Zombie Movie 53. The only thing the book and movie have in common is the title. What in the hell? I honestly might dislike Brad Pitt now. They couldn't even use the right freaking mythology from the book. The zombies in this thing are stupid fast. Not in this same way that fast zombies are stupid but in that they are so fast they flow like fucking water over everything. Were the filmmakers aware that we win the war? (That's not a spoiler, it's the premise of the book.) How in the shit would we win anything with zombies that fast? There were so many ways they could have made this movie, I fail to see what the point was here. I have no designs on actually watching this thing. Maybe if it shows up on Netflix I'll hate watch it with copious alcohol. Otherwise, it can fuck right off. I truly hope a competent production company eventually acquires the rights to this book and erases this monstrosity of a film.