Home for the Holidays - Sarah Mayberry

Overall a decent story I was surprised by the end and, of course, I need to rant about the damn forgiving.


In a surprise Hannah is diagnosed with breast cancer. As Joe points out this is even more of a shit deal than it already is since this is happening right after Hannah had to deal with her shitty fiancé leaving her for her gross-ass sister. That's just extra unfair. But, like real life the skanks don't get what they deserve. I hate that. Of course in the epilogue Hannah forgives her sister and they're all close and loving again because she needed nothing but positivity while fighting the cancer. Siiiiiiiiiigh. You know, you could have used the same positivity excuse for NOT seeing her betraying sister. "I'm going through a lot and I just don't need the constant reminder of what you did to me around." But nooooooo her sister gets her perfect fucking life with Hannah's fiancé and their baby and no cancer and her loving older sister. Hannah's ex-fiancé got his absolution earlier on in the book when he just had to tell Hannah about the pregnancy first and in person. COME ON. GOD. 

(show spoiler)


Look, romance authors, I definitely like reality in my books, I do, but they're also supposed to be an escape. I don't want to read about awful people getting away with being awful and good people suffering. That's what we call real life. And it sucks. If you're going to go with this trope punish the guilty! If I have to read book after book of people falling in "love" in three days or a week after having a lot of sex and no talking like that's realistic then you can write heroines who don't forgive people who do awful shit to them, dammit. I promise you it's not going to make the heroine look bad if she's not on speaking terms with people who wronged her at the end of the book. And through all my ranting about this the last two weeks I've found that I'm not alone in this.


To be clear the romance in his book wasn't like what I described above. I liked it and the hero and heroine a lot. I was pleasantly surprised that Hannah told Joe what was going on at the end. The only thing I didn't completely like, except for what I went into above, was what happened with Hannah's trip. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but it bothers me a little.