The Informationist - Taylor Stevens The Innocent - Taylor Stevens The Doll - Taylor Stevens

Day 15: Favorite male character.


It's hard to choose just one. But I'm also feeling lazy and don't want to do several, haha. To narrow it down I'll skip over books I've singled out already again. And might as well go with a series. 


Miles Bradford


His introduction in The Informationist was rough. Our protagonist, (Vanessa) Michael didn't trust him at all so there was a lot of antagonism throughout the book. But by the end he proved himself to be a friend, and became one of her best friends in the next book and maybe there's more between them. He's former military and a highly trained, very competent mercenary (I guess is the best description), but he's actually really kind and caring. Further proven by his side career, which is kind of hilarious. I freaking loved it, to be honest, but it hasn't shown up in the subsequent two books (I can't quite remember if it was at least mentioned in The Innocent or not, actually, it definitely wasn't in The Doll). 


I came to love his character even more in The Doll, but spent the entire book super worried about his fate. That is going to be a constant, I can tell.