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Day 16: Favorite female character.


My selection today will be like yesterday's: "It's hard to choose just one. But I'm also feeling lazy and don't want to do several, haha. To narrow it down I'll skip over books I've singled out already again. And might as well go with a series."


And what better series to go with than one I literally just finished?




I love her. She is sarcastic and snarky as hell. It's hard not to love a snarky woman when it's done so well. There were times in the last book where she didn't say what I thought she should (particularly telling a certain character to eff off) but at least she said something at some point. Better than the characters that just plain take people's crap. She's funny and loveable even when prickly. I liked watching her rediscover her love of her husband throughout the zombie apocalypse. And also become not just a competent zombie hunter but a completely badass, proactive heroine. I didn't appreciate the unnecessary risks she took in the last book though a part of me gets where she was coming from. Overall, she's very funny and a kickass woman I've loved to read.