Already she’d earned the nicknames “Sir-Limps-A-Lot” (which didn’t make much sense considering her gender), “The Gimp,” and “Crippled Cow.” The cow part, of course, was for the fact that she’d gained a bit of weight since the accident. Something that was somewhat inevitable when you combined the burgeoning hormones of a thirteen-year-old and her limited ability.
. . .
“Oh you know, Vicky Besset told everyone in history class that I walk funny because I used to weigh three hundred pounds and broke my ankles. Now I hear ‘Crippled Cow’ everywhere I go.” The girl said all this as breezily as possible, trying hard to hide the shame and embarrassment that was ripping her apart.
Sins & Needles - Karina Halle



"This book fucking sucks and the writing is terrible."  <<< Not bullying.


It's really not that difficult to understand, I promise.


As for this book, I'm still waiting to get into it. The first person is tedious and you know how I hate POV changes (this between first and third limited to Ellie, so far). Hopefully it'll get interesting soon. — 11%