She was about to remark, perhaps because it was true or perhaps because his hand was making her nervous, that Chris Cornell sang an awful lot about the sun . . .
Sins & Needles - Karina Halle

Huh, I never realized it before, but he totally does. Or Soundgarden did. — Page 67 (16%)


"His eyes flushed with pride and his smile broadened." His eyes flushed?  — Page 78 (18%)


Ellie is really making herself unlikable. Why is she going to rob him? Going straight lasted all of five minutes. Which is one issue, the other is why she would do this to someone who meant something to her, someone she had already hurt in the past. I hope she works on becoming more likeable, and not just because she's attracted to him. I also hope the story picks up. I'm kind of bored at this point. — Page 82 (19%)