Talk Me Down - Victoria Dahl

This would have been much better had Molly, the heroine, not been so idiotic about certain things. She didn't need to keep so many secrets from Ben, the hero, especially since they kept blindsiding him. Keeping the one was just utterly stupid. A completely unnecessary source of strife. The other made sense, but he was actually the one person in the world she should have told. And it would have been nice if she appeared to have any interest outside of sex and keeping secrets . . . and sex. There was enough about her to like that if she had been more well rounded and less frustrating it would have been a much more enjoyable read.


I liked Ben well enough, but I didn't really feel like we got to know much about him. And it would have been great if there were more scenes of he and Molly getting closer, getting to know each other and . . . less sex. Lots of great sex then BAM I love you! Just doesn't work for me. And I liked their backstory so their relationship could have been really great.


Still, I flew through this book. I really wanted to see how the secrets coming out played out and the resolution to the suspense storyline. It was an easy read and amusing in parts.


(Unfortunately, I finished this days ago and then had to go out of town and now I can't remember everything I wanted to write. Oh well.)