Start Me Up - Victoria Dahl

I think I liked this one better than the first one. Lori was a much more well rounded character. It wasn't all sex sex sex with her. She had interests and work that had nothing to do with it. I could even understand her reason for wanting a fling and nothing more. Something that usually annoys me. Although later in the book Lori slipped into being almost as irritating as Molly with unnecessarily keeping secrets. I wish we got more of Quinn's life period. There was not enough of his POV at all. That wasn't as bad as it was in the first book since Lori wasn't as one-note as Molly but I still want a similar amount of time with Quinn. I really liked him and thought he deserved to have that time. I also wonder if things with his parents and sister weren't left up in the air. It felt that way to me.


Even though Quinn was characterized as being off in his own world most of the time, I think Lori was probably worse. Being stuck in her unwanted position, not seeing a way forward or out. But it made her a little clueless of things beyond her situation. I felt it was kind of ridiculous Quinn had to grovel for what he said to Lori at the end, but she never apologized for how low she made him feel. While he completely lacked tact in what he said, it was all true. And it came from wanting better for her. She made him feel like his only use was as a sex toy and he had no more worth to her. That's far worse. Especially since he put so much into giving her what she wanted. We all get that they weren't supposed to be more to each other, but it was more than that from the beginning and you're still not supposed to make someone feel like that. He was a friend first.


The suspense storyline was okay though it felt like it was only included to give the book more weight. It ended rather predictably. I just wish we were given more of the emotional fallout. 


I really like that even though it was supposed to be a purely physical thing Lori and Quinn did actually date each other. They didn't even have sex on the first date! It's like a confused erotica as romance miracle! 


I also liked that it ended without declarations of love. They weren't in a place for that and it wasn't shoehorned in (although she thought she may be and he hinted at it). We were left with the potential of an HEA and not one that wasn't believable. I wish we would see that in romance more. 


If it weren't for the terrible euphemism use and if the romance were a little more cohesive this would have been four stars.