Lead Me On - Victoria Dahl
Well, that scene was . . . special. 

After reading Jane's POV in a sex scene I feel like I need to shower in bleach. She likes it cheap, trashy, and demeaning. (Her words, though entirely true, and I replaced that last word . . .). Not in a fantasy sort of way. In a completely serious, real life way.
"She was an animal with him . . . and she loved it." 
What? No, but what? Is this supposed to be hot or sexy? Ugh. I need to read snippets of actual, sweet romance to rinse the rancid taste of this book from my mouth.
120 pages in and I don't at all see how this is a romance. I wouldn't even call it an erotic romance at this point even though there have only been two sex scenes. It's just . . . *bemused shrug*
I'm losing respect for Chase for being so interested in this girl. Particularly because I hate what Jane thinks of him (again based solely on his job and style) and his inexplicable interest only legitimizes her crappy thoughts.
Honestly, if I weren't reading a physical copy I borrowed I think I would DNF. I'm not enjoying this at all, it's not for me.