Lead Me On - Victoria Dahl
Jane's back story makes me want to fucking vomit. Not the stuff her mother did, which was pretty mind-blowing in and of itself (between that and her real name — which I am old enough to find hilarious — the kid really didn't have much of a chance). But her choices and actions. 
"That made her think of how fun it had been to feel cheap. Maybe he'd make her feel cheap again tonight. Like old times."
Ugh, Christ. And, yeah . . . those "old times" started when she was 12.  All that trying to change and pretending over the last ten years and she's not much different as an adult. Her age isn't disgusting anymore but her thoughts and actions are.
153 pages into this thing and she still doesn't give one fuck about Chase as a human being. Not beyond him letting her use him for sex, making both of them feel cheap and used, but she likes feeling that way, and now how his dad can help her brother. All she thinks about him is how his body makes her feel. Which is super good, otherwise he'd have just been the one night stand she was intending. So what's going to happen is she's going to fall for his dick and the rest of his "big body", and that he likes taking care of her and she'll think she's in "love".  For now, other than the two above things, he's worthless to her because he's the "wrong" man. "Right" being the buttoned down professionals she's been dating, for whom she feels nothing. Chase is wrong because he's big, and — oh, holy crap! — tattooed and a "ditch digger". See, she so doesn't care about him she's yet to even get the fact he owns the business, he isn't "going nowhere", "low man on the totem pole". I'm sure that fact will make her feel better about being with him when she does finally find out. She's super classy like that. 
Chase recognizes his slipping self-esteem but he's still enamored of this woman and my respect for him keeps dying. I don't get it at all. Reminds me of Twilight. Bella had no personality or anything special or interesting about her whatsoever but Edward fell for her simply because he couldn't figure her out and was intrigued. Same thing here, only in this story there is at least dirty, hot (to these fools at any rate, that shit is not hot or sexy in the least) sex to draw them back.
So, where does Harlequin get off putting "romance" on this cover?