Lead Me On - Victoria Dahl

I want to DNF this so badly. Why have I not DNF'd this? It is so bad. Jane makes me want to punch ALL THE THINGS. Every thing she says and does is so idiotic and/or assholish. I want to fucking rip out my eyes than read anymore of her horrifically disgusting back story. 

(The most recent is that now Jane knows that Chase knows who she was and what she did. Especially since a THIRTEEN-year-old Jane née Dynasty Alexis was at a party where she sat on the lap of a 17-year-old Chase née Billy Chase grinding on his dick getting him hard so he'd fuck her until one of his buddies warned him of her age and who her step-father was. He pushed her off, she shrugged and went off to fuck someone else. Realizing this Jane asks him if they slept together. Chase tells her no. Jane: 'Some of the men . . . I don't remember some of the men I was with.' Well, I'm off to vomit up my intestines. Thanks! Then she starts accusing him of stupid shit like she hasn't been paying attention to what he's said and done the last two hundred pages. Like he isn't begging to get to know her while she's all, just fuck me and shut up.)

(show spoiler)

Why would you put a back story like that in a romance? Which actually I could take if it were executed deftly. I've read plenty of messed up back stories on screwed up characters in romance before and they have been complex and interesting, but here she just clobbers the reader over the head with it constantly. It's non-stop. Plus it is so unnecessarily over the top. And there is no growth, she's all over the damn map about herself. It's frustrating as shit. There should be some growth by now! Maybe it'd be better if there were a shred of something redeemable in Jane. Maybe if Jane even tried to treat Chase like a human being. Maybe if there was something, SOMETHING, between them besides sex. And that sex is so bad. I wanted to cry in the lead up to the last sex scene because I so dreaded reading it. Thank God it was in Chase's POV at least. I really couldn't handle any more of Jane's fucked up, disgusting thoughts during sex.


And this may be a very rare instance where I actually bear animosity toward those who gave this four and five stars. I just . . . can't.