OA Comment: Fucking. Morons. They bungled this in every singe way possible. Starting with capitulating to BBAs in the first place. And comments are comments. You can't say "most if the review was in the comments" that makes no sense. Discussion was in the comments. They're just trying to make their pandering sound legitimate. Again, morons. Congratulations on killing your site.



Goodreads sent this email to me in regards to their oops about deleting reviews that occurred a few months ago. But they still won't reinstate all of them:


Hi Katie,


We are following up with you to return the reviews that were removed from your account.  We apologize for the delay on this and for not providing you with your data when it was originally removed from the site.  The reviews are attached to this message for your personal records.  Please note that our exports do not include comments.
As part of this process, we took another look at these reviews.  Your reviews for A Soldier’s Valentine, A Valentine to Remember, Heist, The Casino Caper, Amazingly Broken, Finding Cassilia, Rock Her, Cherry Popper, Stolen, and One For Sorrow, Two For Joy should not have been deleted, as they do meet our review guidelines.  You are welcome to repost these reviews on Goodreads.  However, please do not repost the others, as they violate our review guidelines.  We sincerely apologize for mistakenly deleting these reviews and for any confusion that this might have caused.
Several of your other reviews were removed because most of the review was in the comments space and the information there was against our review guidelines.  When we evaluate reviews, we do take into consideration whether reviewers are using the comments as part of the review. 
Best regards,
The Goodreads Team
Raise your hand if you got this email also.