Found this in my open TextEdit files. This happened quite awhile ago, but I didn't have anywhere to post it before. This is is a good place, particularly for discussion. I'm not calling him a BBA because he was on his own site (it only got this far because of the selective comment deleting, I think—I wasn't around when it went down), but his actions and offensively misguided use of the ubiquitous b-word (I'm so tired of hearing it!) puts him on my permanent DNR.


So, Chuck Wendig promotes published fan fiction on his blog, and he'll thank you not to mention that fact. According to him, doing so is "baseless" and "bullying" (see comments in first screen cap). We're 'unpleasant bullies' for letting people know the provenence of a "book". So, he'll delete your comments.

He says it is "not his fight". Oh, silly me, I thought you were an author of original fiction. I guess he'll be fine with people copying straight from his books, too, and claiming "inspiration" for their own. He does not wish to have this discussion on his site, or on Twitter, or at all, so I can at least use my space (if only I had a BL account at the time) to point out that "book" [How to Discipline Your Vampire] on his site is Twilight fan fiction. It is a direct rip-off of the characters and mythology of that series. You have to love that he and other comments on his site dismiss its origins a mere inspiration, or whatever. The fic features an ice cold vampire too strong to be bound, but it's totally "not tied to the original". Okay.


So he doesn't want to have the discussion. He doesn't care. Well, I do and his dismissing the issue entirely and even supporting the wrongdoing does, in my view, reflect badly on him.