Never Let Go: A Soldier's Secret - Sherryl Woods, RaeAnne Thayne

Overall I liked this story. Particularly the Hero and Heroine. There was a lot of dating and talking in this relationship, which we all know I love.


I only had a couple of problems. There was never a discussion between Mallory and Justin about what happened to her husband. I would have liked to have read that. Of course, it didn't affect Mallory's present as much as I thought it should. And the book ended without final closure on what happens with little Davey. We follow him throughout the book and don't get to know his fate.


Speaking of Davey (six-year-old), the abuse storyline makes no sensWhen he's brought into the hospital he was beaten so badly he barely survives. And that was preceded by quite a few trips to the hospital, showing systematic abuse. So why in the actual fuck is his mother — his abuser — allowed him visit him in the hospital later in the book? Why did Mallory keep saying she could get better and Davey could go back with her? Why in the hell was the court having a hard time deciding custody between his mother and father? Not that his father is a prize. It had been over a month Davey had been in the hospital and his father didn't know he was there. So clearly he wasn't seeing or even calling his son at all. But still, he's better than the woman who damn near killed him. Her ass should have been in jail, not up for custody. That really ticked me off throughout the story.