Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

God, Wren is the worst. I can't stand her. I really wish Cath had continued to avoid and ignore her after she said all those nasty things. Then, if Wren did actually call a few times she should have picked up and said, "Stop calling. You wanted to be left alone, I'm leaving you alone. I should have taken the hint when you ditched me as fast as humanly possible before even got here." Cath needs to stop going to her about everything. Mainly because Wren clearly doesn't care about anyone other than herself. But also Wren clearly would rather not care or be there for her, Cath needs to find a new support system. Even when she did show up after Cath's boyfriend broke up with her, she couldn't be bothered to stay. She parties every night but couldn't take one night off to stay with her sister. Ugh, she's just been nasty and terrible. And I have that stupid 'Someone That I Used to Know' song stuck in my head because of her and this situation. I hope she gets hers.


And now there's an absentee mother story line. I'm sure she will end up being forgiven, too. Ughhhhhhh.