Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I know many of you have read this book. You all did around the same time. I remember because I was upset that everybody was reading her two YAs but not her amazing adult book and I was afraid she would be yet another author to jump ship to mostly YA thereby screwing over adults and adult readers. Again. (OMG, why do you people hate adults so much?! Ugh, forget it. I am never going to understand this adult primarily reading YA thing.)


Whoa, I got off track there. 




I cannot be the only one who feels/felt this way about Wren! COME OUT OF THE WOODWORK AND DISCUSS HOW AWFUL SHE IS. 


Cath has gotten in a few good lines here and there but is not even close to saying everything that needs to be said. It's frustrating as hell when a character needs to get told but never does. Or at least not adequately.



Not enough of that has happened, you guys, and it's making me crazy!