Already Home - Susan Mallery

Pg. 166: Dear God, authors, please stop with the super fucked up back stories. Yes, part of the problem with this book is that I thought it was a romance but turns out it's women's-fic. So I had to readjust my thinking. Still, even women's-fic doesn't need a background that fucked up. Violet isn't even named in the book blurb. Why does it appear that half of this book is about her? And now we have to hear about her horrible, disgusting backstory over and over. Ugh.


Also, once again, enough with the super slutty men. This one screwed like every coed—OMG SO HOT. AMIRITE? And there were two of them in this book.


Pg. 312: WHAT. Why, whyyyyyy did we have to suffer through two icky sex scenes with the two obnoxious side characters but Mallery FTB'd on our actual main chatacter and her nice boyfriend??? I mean completely bypassed it was barely mentioned afterward. WTF! I just cannot understand why she did that. Because, what? The scene wouldn't have been interesting without someone

going on and on and on and on about being physically numb to arousal from all her underage prostituting? Ughhhh.

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 Riveting stuff! 



And, Lord, don't even get me started on the birth mother.