Apparently I do female relationships wrong because my default with other women isn't "bitchy" and hateful. Thank God I'm not a lesbian otherwise every relationship would be defined that way. At least according to several female M/M authors in this AAR piece, "Women Writing M/M Romance".


It's hard to even know where to begin with this one. So, how about here: 

“In fact, in many ways, I feel like a man,” Josephine [Myles] stated in her British accent. This realization makes it easier for her to bypass all the traditional tropes found in mainstream romances.

Uhm, what? 

That doesn't even, nope, moving on . . .


“Romance itself is the emotional side of literature,” Anne [Tenino] explained. “That’s what we’re bringing to gay fiction.”

And gay men themselves could never achieve this, right? All hail the saviours of M/M books!

Oh, except wait, most female writers of M/M fetishize gay men and their relationships. They relate more through sex than real emotion and seem like cardboard stock more than humans you want to root for, which is why I moved away from reading M/M romance. It got entirely too frustrating for me.


“There’s an equality at the beginning of the relationship that’s a very powerful dynamic to explore,” [Z. A. Maxfield] explained. 

No, there's not. Gay men are still people who bring different strengths and weaknesses to their relationships. If she approaches every story that way how utterly boring her books must be. But let's say that's true. Why would it not be true of F/F romance? Too many lady parts? 


If Amy Lane's commenting on reviews, and ridiculous defense of P2P didn't get you to stop reading and supporting her, her comments in this article surely should.


Amy began by saying that “love is redemptive” and if any group needs the redemptive qualities of love, it’s gay men.

Just them? For the record, gay men aren't straight women's playthings. Unfortunately, she gets infinitely worse.


“I’m tired of women’s nasty, mean games, and don’t want to write about them,” Amy added.

Are you fucking kidding me with this? Every woman in the world, Amy? 


Mary Calmes then chimes in with this gem,


“I don’t want to write about bitchy women.”

Then don't?

But no, she sounds like another who thinks this of all women so any female she'd write would act that way. So, never mind.


It sounds to me like neither of them have had any meaningful female relationships if this is what they think of their own gender, which is why they CAN'T write women, not won't. Good luck with your internal misogyny, ladies. I hope it's serving you well in the M/M sub-genre.


By the way, if you feel you have to insult something or everything else to justify what you read/write, you need to look at your life, look at your choices.




*edited to add missing word that apparently just disappeared into the ether.