Dad is Fat - Jim Gaffigan

This book may not be all that entertaining for you if you're not enamored with children, being/becoming a parent, or drinking the Parent Cult Kool-Aid (his words, not mine!). I thought it was going to be a lot of really funny parent/children anecdotes, but that's not entirely what the format is.


But I could probably hang with what it is and enjoy it if it weren't for the narration. Jim Gaffigan narrates this audiobook! So I was super excited to listen because I was expecting it to sound like his stand-up with the voices and his cadences, etc. It doesn't. He does a voice once in a while but mostly it just sounds like he's reading a book. Which, he is, yes. But it's his book! It shouldn't sound like his nose is in the book reading and nothing more — not even dynamically. So I think a lot of what were supposed to be jokes fell flat. Making the audiobook not all that entertaining and bored me enough that I think I'm just going to move on. Sad. I'll still give his next book a chance though.