Ravishing the Heiress: Fitzhugh Book 2 - Sherry Thomas

I knew that this book was about the heroine, Millie, being in unrequited love with the hero, her husband Fitz, and that is what had me wanting to read it. But I was not aware that he was going to be in love with another woman. So I'm all WTF, how is this going to resolve satisfactorily? I hope it does, but I'm really skeptical right now.


I am loving the angst coming from Past Millie. It's so good. I'm less impressed with Past Fitz's. Maybe if he spared a thought for Millie, had a little compassion for the fact she had no choice in the matter (he at least had one) then I'd maybe feel bad for his pain. Right now I think he's being an overdramatic dick.


In the present of the story I'm kind of confused at how he seems to want to complete this pact when he's planning what he's planning. How has he not figured Millie out in eight years?