Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn





I'm glad this is the last Gillian Flynn novel I haven't read. Though I wish I read/listened to it before Dark Places, which I actually didn't mind. Flynn has an aptitude for writing seriously fucked up and/or unlikable characters. They're all fucked up, it's likable ones that are a rarity with her. In fact, I think the only somewhat likable character of hers was Libby in Dark Places.


But, really, does everything have to be so seriously fucked in her novels? I don't know. I don't want to complain about that too much because there is a somewhat enjoyable aspect to it when it's done right (Dark Places, Amy's POV of Gone Girl) but not when it's tedious and/or just for the sake of being ~OMG so out there (Nick's POV of Gone Girl, Sharp Objects).


Really, though, if I have to hear one more God damn thing about 13-year-old little kids doing nasty, depraved, whoreish shit I swear to fucking Christ I'm going to punch a kitten. We've heard more about how disgusting Camille was at 13 than we have about whatever the damn thriller part of this book is supposed to be. Nearly 70% and we're no further along in that part of the story than when the book started. But I sure as shit know every little bit of her fast-ass little 13-year-old self getting passed around between four high-school guys at some party.


*cue my fucking bile*


Then there's her 13-year-old sister who's following in her footsteps. We've heard a lot about that, too.


And I thought the 15-year-old's part of Dark Places was bad enough. I look back on that storyline almost fondly right now.


Hell, at least I had some sort of warning since I knew I was listening to a Gillian Flynn novel. And this book doesn't have the absolute audacity to be parading itself around as a "romance" with that kind of depravity in it. Looking right the hell at you there, Victoria Dahl. (Shit, that book was actually much worse. Oh, stay tuned for that review because it WILL happen. Eventually.)




(Who am I kidding? I'm going to hit play and be raging full-steam again because Camille's dumb ass just got in the car to PARTY WITH FUCKING 13 YEAR OLDS. I FUCKING CANNOT.)


P.S. – oh, my God, enough with the first person, Flynn! Damn.


ETA: Yep, she's doing Oxy and X with the children right now. On top of drinking ALL the things. Does Flynn even know what a child is? Yes, because Camille KEEPS FUCKING POINTING OUT THAT THEY'RE GOD DAMN CHILDREN. Fucking makes me sick there are people actually okay with all this shit in real life. Where is a motherfucking kitten when you need one . . . ? Better yet, who can make Battle Royale a reality?